Basic Security Training course STCW in Lanzarote.

Would you like to work at sea? Basic Security Training course STCW.

If you want to work at sea but your barrier is the Spanish language and you speak English, at Academia Náutica Lanzarote we make it easy for you. The next month of April, specifically the week of the 12th, we will start with the Basic Security Training course STCW.  The course will be taught at our academy located in Costa Teguise, and will last a total of 10 days.

OFERTAS STCW -Academia Náutica Lanzarote

The Certificate of Basic Training in Security is the main one, since with this certificate you can access the seaman’s registration book, which is the first step you need to be able to embark and work at sea. Our course has a duration of 70 hours, spread over 10 days, with classes from Monday to Friday. The first 5 days will be used to acquire basic concepts of theory. We count with the help of other professionals, including the help of a certified nurse who will give a theoretical-practical course of first aid and also with professional firefighters, who will give us basic notions through a practical class, about systems against fires with which we will have our first contact.

Academia Náutica Lanzarote STCW

Finally, the most fun, survival practices will come, in which we will go to the water and put into practice all the theoretical concepts that we have learned the first days. We will use the life raft, rockets, smoke flares, and survival suits. With this course, you will be able to acquire basic concepts of security, survival, first aid and fire protection to enroll in a professional boat.

It is necessary to be in possession of the NIE, Limited places

For more information you can call Academia Nautica Lanzarote, in Costa Teguise, 928590441, 670290818, or 679410698